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Fast + Powerful Real-time Analytics Made Intuitive
Timeplus is a streaming-first
real-time analytics platform

Lightning fast
streaming processing

Users can do super fast analytics with ultra-low latency, while ensuring extremely high EPS (events-per-second) both in ingestion and query simultaneously.  In early testing, Timeplus can achieve 4ms end-to-end latency, and 10 million + EPS benchmark even in a single commodity machine.



streaming analytics

Users can quickly analyze real-time streaming data while simultaneously connecting to historical data assets. We use a converged multi-tier computation engine, which reduces data redundancy while substantially lowering costs. We’ve developed powerful real-time streaming analytics that enable functionality such as windowing/non-windowing, late event, downsampling and streaming predictive analytics. All from one SQL query.


user experience 

Users get speed and power with a seamless user experience. With Timeplus, you can easily connect to diverse data sources and immediately explore streaming patterns via query and visualization. Creating real-time multi-channel notifications and sending aggregated data to downstream systems has never been easier. 

Why Timeplus
Use Cases
Our Solutions
Purpose-built to tackle use cases where
real-time analytics make all the difference


Timeplus makes it frictionless to conduct predictive maintenance and vehicle diagnostics on transportation fleets. With powerful analytics at the Edge, companies can monitor delivery schedules in real-time and improve logistics visibility.

Manufacturers can in real-time monitor asset health and operational efficiency to proactively identify maintenance issues and diagnose failures.


Timeplus helps financial organizations build robust fraud detection and prevention infrastructure. 


With our real-time fraud detection solution, companies can vet transactions instantly, detecting anomalies that signal fraud and stopping fraudulent transactions before they occur.


With Timeplus, real-time streaming data becomes the heart of observability. Solve issues with long process lags from ingestion, processing, storage and indexing of traditional log-based analytics.


Teams can instantly identify anomalous behaviors or suspicious activities and flag them for immediate investigation so they can solve issues and minimize damage.


Our platform enables users to integrate historical customer engagement data with live streams of customer actions seamlessly.

Marketers can create personalized recommendations in real time, delivering targeted customer experiences across multiple channels in milliseconds. 

Customer Story
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Hamilton Araujo.jpeg

Hamilton Araujo

Managing Director

"We are able to simply plug the sources into Timeplus and start writing queries over the streaming data to get the results. No need to compile and deploy a code. This makes prototyping to deploy applications really fast."
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