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Learn about various known use cases of Timeplus in different categories. 
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Real-Time Post-Trade Analysis
Based on real-world customer scenarios for post-trade capital markets, we turn real-time market and transaction data into real-time insight.
Real-Time Pricing
As one of our first case studies, check out how leading fintech player Alpha Stream deployed Timeplus to quickly upgrade its real-time analytics capabilities.
Real-Time Observability
At Timeplus, we collect various logs, metrics and usage data and send them to our own Timeplus workspace for continuously infrastructure monitoring and alerts.
Metering for Usage-Based Pricing
By leveraging the streaming SQL, Versioned StreamHTTP ingestionHTTP sink and many other features, we collect real-time infrastructure usage per tenants, apply lookup and aggregation, and send data to our choice of usage-based pricing vendor, Paigo.
Real-Time GitHub Insights
We all love GitHub. But do you know what’s trending on Github right now? We built a real-time app with Timeplus API and GitHub API.
You can also check out our demo in Streamlit and our GitHub repo.
Security Compliance
SOC2 Compliance Dashboards and Alerts
Timeplus has achieved SOC2 Type 1 compliance since April 2023. We chose Drata to help us automate the compliance journey, with a process to call Drata Open API, and send the compliance findings to Timeplus as a JSON document. We then set up dashboards and a slack sink to help us monitor the compliance to-do items.
Container Vulnerability Monitoring
Based on real-world customer scenarios, this is how you can build real-time monitoring systems for container vulnerabilities.
Monitor User Activity with Superblocks
At Timeplus, we built a few internal tools with Superblocks. To track how such internal tools are being used, we configured Superblocks to send audit logs and user activities to Confluent Cloud, then load them into Timeplus. Next, we built dashboards and alerts in our own platform to understand the usage or capture any potential issues.
Protect Sensitive Information in Slack
Many organizations rely on Slack to connect people, tools, customers, and partners in a digital HQ. We built a showcase app to demonstrate how to process messages in real-time and trigger actions via the Timeplus platform, for example, removing messages that contain sensitive keywords.
Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
Gain real-time visibility into fleet operations using only SQL. Based on real-world customer scenarios, here's how to monitor the entire truck fleet’s status in real-time to detect speeding and fatigued drivers, and to conduct geofencing related checks.
Real-Time Sensor Data from Your Phone
Sensor Logger is a free, easy-to-use, cross-platform data logger that logs readings from common motion-related sensors on smartphones. It can push data to Timeplus via the Ingest API, allowing you to build real-time dashboards.
Customer 360
Auth0 Notifications for New Signups
Like many other companies, we chose Auth0 as the authentication and authorization platform for our cloud offering. With our powerful Ingestion API, we can easily route all Auth0 new user signup events to Timeplus with webhook, then build real-time slack notifications to one private channels for Product Manager to engage with new users at real-time.
HubSpot Custom Dashboards and Alerts
Like many other startups, we chose HubSpot as the CRM system. We have built sink connectors for both AirByte and Meltano Batch jobs are configured to use the HubSpot source connector to send data to Timeplus workspace. Such customer basic information can be used to build custom dashboards, alerts and lookups to enrich other data.
Jitsu Clickstream Analysis
We like the open-source Jitsu platform to collect event data from every source - web, email, chatbot, CRM - into our choice of data stack: Timeplus. The free version of Jitsu Cloud allows you to send events out via a webhook. With our powerful Ingestion API, those page view data arrive in Timeplus workspace in real-time and help us to understand the usage pattern, from past 0.6 second to past 6 months.
Real-Time Twitter Marketing
Twitter(X) is all about what is happening and what people are talking about right now. We partnered with datapm share how Timeplus and DataPM can help you develop a real-time Twitter marketing app within a few minutes, without a single line of code. This makes it super easy to create real-time social listening apps to understand how customers are talking about your company or products, and plan your next social marketing campaign with trending hot topics.
Wildfire Monitoring and Alerting
We partnered with Crul to analyze wildfire website data and send to Timeplus with customized monitoring and alerting.
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