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Easily build your streaming analytics apps.
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Fleet Analytics

Easily track overspeeding, fatigued drivers, or any fleet insights in real-time.

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Edge Observability

Observe decentralized edge systems and infrastructures with faster insights and less data centralization.

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Security, Risk and Compliance

Detect and solve incidents within seconds, not hours or days after they occur

Fleet Analytics

Gain real-time visibility into fleet operations using only SQL


Case Study

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Duckbill, founded in 2017, is China’s leading and fastest growing solution-based container trucking fleet, headquartered in Shanghai, with network covering all the other main harbor ports. 

By utilizing big data and AI, Duckbill dynamically manages 2,100+ trucks, 100+ professional inspectors and customer service personnel. Duckbill Tech is our state-of-the-art digital platform which offers our clients a fully online experience, you can do online inquiry & instant quotations, online bookings, inspection services plus real-time 24/7 track & trace under our "EXW local manager" program.

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Key Use Cases


Identify speeding drivers and fatigued drivers. For example, find out which drivers have been driving continuously for 4 hours, driving more than 16 hours in the past 24 hours, etc.

Anomaly Detection

Find out which vehicles have spending more time than usual loading or unloading goods, and why certain vehicles are not following recommended routes. 

Business Optimization

Check if shipping is behind schedule, if any ETAs need to be adjusted, and inform customers about any potential delays. 

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"We are thrilled to partner with Timeplus and gain real-time visibility to our 2000+ trucks, with much lower latency, smarter alerts and shorter Time-To-Value, compared to our previous solutions."

Minfeng Xie

Chief Technology Officer, Duckbill

Edge Observability

Observe decentralized edge systems and hybrid infrastructures with faster insights and data locality

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Key Use Cases

Continuous Monitoring

Provide continuous monitoring on critical system components, enabling engineers to effectively monitor infrastructure, applications, and network components in the production environment with super low latency.

Transient Objects

Monitor large numbers of transient objects, such as containers, in real-time, and provide full visibility into the tech stack and rapidly respond to performance issues before they negatively impact customer experiences.

Log Search and Monitor

Conduct real-time, large-scale full-text search and analysis on logs or un-structure data source without any ETL or data preparation.

Security, Risk, and Compliance Analytics

Real-time visibility into security, risk and compliance issues within seconds, not hours or days after they occur

Key Use Cases

Per Message

  • Auto-delete messages with sensitive/offensive keywords

  • Auto-delete any shared files with confidential material

  • Auto-revoke AWS KMS keys if the ARN is mentioned in channels

Per Time Window

  • Send the user a warning, or suspend the account if the user suddenly sends lots of messages in a short time

  • Detect abnormal behaviors (e.g. active late at night, compared to activity in previous days/weeks)

  • Detect the user’s sentiment in channels (e.g. If overly negative within a span of 10mins, perhaps invention is needed)

With Correlation

  • User A shares a classified file to User B in one channel. User B immediately shares it in a “Company Connect”

  • Check the organization structure for active users on certain topics. Check if there is a misuse of information, or room to improve cross-BU collaboration

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"We are closely working with the Timeplus team to setup our Security Operations Center (SOC) platform. With Timeplus, we can easily sink security related data and do analysis with build-in primitives in real time. When new events happen, they are reflected in the application automatically at once, which give us very high confidence that our platform is always secure."

Eric Guo

DevOps Director, Aurora

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