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Our Team
Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, we are developing an innovative streaming SQL database and real-time analytics platform.

We are backed by some of the world’s best venture capitalists and individual technologists, including Jeremy Kranz, Head of TMT investing for GIC; Rory Sexton, formerly VP of Apple, a global supply chain leader over the last 20 years; and Richard Tibbetts, a renowned pioneer of real-time streaming database technologies. In addition, we are honored to welcome Margaret Lee, SVP at BMC, GM of Digital Service and Operations Management, as our advisor.
About Us

Ting Wang

Chief Executive Officer

Ting has passion for building things. He has 20+ years experience, having previously led product and engineering teams at Splunk and SAP.

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William Plummer

Chief Operating Officer

Will has over 20+ years experience leading and investing in top technology teams. He holds an MBA from Harvard and a BA from Tufts. 

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Gang Tao

Chief Technology Officer

Gang has over 20 years experience in software development, and is a recognized expert of AI, BI, Big Data and Data Visualization. He was the principal engineer of Splunk's ML and Data platform.  He's also a die-hard fan of AC Milan.  

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Ken Chen

Chief Architect

Ken has over 13 years of enterprise software experience. He previously worked in AWS, Splunk and EMC and has deep experience in distributed systems, database and enterprise / cloud storage architecture design and development.

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Jove Zhong

Head of Product

Jove has over 18 years in enterprise software product development and management. He previously was an Engineering Director at Splunk, and holds  17 Patents and 4 AWS Certifications. He is a board sports fanatic, incl. agile board.

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James Hao

Head Of Engineering

James has 20+ years software engineering experience. He was previously an Engineering Director at Splunk and TrendMicro.

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