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With our strong partnership with Confluent, you can load your real-time data from Confluent Cloud or Apache Kafka into Timeplus.
Listen to your Apache Kafka topics directly.
Load streaming data into Timeplus in 3 easy steps:
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1. Cluster and Topic

Specify the bootstrap server and topic for your source, and enter your authentication details.

3. Load into Stream

Your data will be loaded into a stream. Create an append-only or versioned/changelog stream.

2. Data Format

For “Read as” formats, we currently support JSON, AVRO, and Text format.

All data live in streams in Timeplus.
Timeplus is a streaming analytics platform, and our streams are similar to tables in traditional SQL databases.

We have three modes for streams:


By default, streams are append-only and immutable. Older data can be purged automatically by setting a retention policy.

Versioned Stream

When you query a versioned stream directly, only the latest version for the same primary key(s) will be shown.

Changelog Stream

Similar to a versioned stream, only the latest version for the same primary key(s) will be shown. Data can be updated or deleted.

Analyze your Apache Kafka Data
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Run Queries

Write SQL to query your data, ad-hoc or background processing.

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Visualize Data

Tell a story with your data with real-time charts and dashboards.


Take Action

Turn analytics insights into actions by triggering sinks to downstream apps.

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Unlocking Cloud Observability
with Confluent and Timeplus Cloud
We found a great way to monitor our Timeplus Cloud multi-tenancy infrastructure with our own Timeplus product and Confluent Cloud.
Try TImeplus Cloud for free.
Get started with a 30 day free trial.
No credit card required.
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