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Unlock streaming data value now.

Streaming data is everywhere, but performing meaningful and efficient analytics can be challenging. Timeplus provides powerful end-to-end capabilities to help you process your streaming data quickly and intuitively, made accessible for organizations of all sizes.

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We are more than just a streaming database. From data ingestion to organization, processing, and observation, we've got you covered.
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Timeplus is a high-performance converged platform that unifies streaming and historical data processing. We empower developers to build powerful and reliable streaming analytics applications, at speed and scale, anywhere.


Powerful streaming analytics capabilities

  • A unified streaming and historical data processing engine

  • Join multiple streams or tables, such as temporal, time-range, inner, left, right

  • Substream by sub-partition

  • Tumble, sliding, session windows

  • Materialized views

  • Semantical data revision and mutability

  • Built-in query state management

  • Native semi-structured schema-on-query, e.g. json, csv, and text

  • User-defined functions

A fast time-to-value, end-to-end streaming analytics platform

  • Analytics end-to-end: connect, query, visualize and alert

  • Superior performance: Ultra low end-to-end latency (single-digit millisecond) and massive throughput (10 millions eps)

  • High concurrency over the streams (>1k)

Lightweight and hassle-free deployment

  • Single-binary

  • Decentralized from cloud to edge

  • A fully-managed cloud service in AWS

Want more from your streaming data?Join Timeplus Cloud, for free.
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