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Timeplus empowers real-time streaming analytics affordable for any organization.


No credit card needed


30 day trial

  • Up to 1 CPU

  • Up to 4GB memory

  • 20GB real-time storage

  • Weekly backup

  • Up to 3 team members

  • Support response within 3 days






Small workloads, PoC

$192 - $492  USD /mo

Monthly or annual subscription

  • Up to 2 CPU

  • Up to 8GB memory

  • 50GB to 1TB real-time storage

  • Daily backup

  • Up to 8 team members

  • Support response within 24hrs

Compute per CPU

$0.25  /hr

Storage per TB

$120  /mo


Enterprise production usage

Starting from  $1,043  USD /mo

Monthly or annual subscription

  • 4 to 32 CPU

  • 16GB to 128GB memory

  • 1TB to 32TB real-time storage

  • Daily backup, 2 versions

  • Up to 20 team members

  • Dedicated support, within 4hrs

Compute per CPU

$0.30  /hr

Storage per TB

$150  /mo

Need more?

With Enterprise Plus, get a fully custom quote for your unique use case, with unlimited computing, memory, storage, BYOC or on-prem deployment.

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Try Timeplus risk-free for 30-days.

No credit card needed.

  • Is storage billed per compressed data?
    Yes, you can expect a compression ratio of ~3.5.
  • Why is the “Storage per TB” for the Enterprise Tier more expensive than the Professional Tier?
    Your data is backed up daily for both plans. For Professional Tier, only 1 previous version is kept. For Enterprise Tier, 2 previous versions are kept. Contact us to roll back to previous versions.
  • Do you charge per user?
    The 30 day free trial supports up to 3 team members, the Professional plan up to 5 team members, and the Enterprise plan up to 20 team members. For Enterprise Plus plan, you can have unlimited users in your Timeplus workspace. We charge based on the volume of data processed and stored, as well as the computing resource.
  • Do you charge by memory usage?
    We don't directly charge for memory. The ratio for CPU and memory is 1:4, meaning if your CPU usage is 1, then 4GB memory is included. If your actual CPU usage is 1, but your memory usage is 6GB, we will charge you as 2 CPU.
  • Can I change my capacity or usage limit?
    For CPU usage or memory, you can increase or decrease your limits any time. For storage, you can increase your limits every 6 hours(decreasing is not available). You can make the changes self-service in the Web Console. Please note, if you upgrade from one plan to the other, the storage size can be likely updated too. For example, you start from 20GB for Free Trial, then upgrade to Professional plan with 50GB. If you upgrade to Enterprise plan for 1TB within that 6 hours, the disk change won't take effect immediately. The charge is based on the actual disk size. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Where does Timeplus store my data?
    Timeplus is currently available in the US West 2 region of Amazon Web Services. Data is saved in high end SSD with encryptions, and automatically backed up.
  • How can I roll back to a previous version?
    Contact us to go back to any previous versions. For the Professional Tier, you can have 1 previous version. For the Enterprise Tier, you can have 2 previous versions.
  • Can we use Timeplus on-premise?
    Yes! Contact us to to discuss your unique case use and needs.
  • What kind of support do you offer?
    If you are on the Free Trial or Professional plan, the best place to find support is in our Slack community. You can also reach us at For the Enterprise plans, we offer Slack, email, and Zoom support, and a dedicated customer success engineers.
  • Do you offer volume or annual discounts
    Yes, Timeplus offers a discount for you to commit to an annual subscription. If you’re interested in purchasing a customized volume, the “Enterprise Plus” Plan is probably for you! Contact us for a custom quote.
  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?
    We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you are billed monthly with the Professional plan, you will be charged based on the number of days used. We will offer a refund for unused days. If you are billed annually with the Professional or Enterprise plans, you will be charged according to the monthly billing price (without the annual billing discount applied), and based on the number of days used, We will offer a refund for unused days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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