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Pulsar Sink Connector for Timeplus Now Available on GitHub

Apache® Pulsar™ is a cloud-native, distributed, open-source messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads. At the Pulsar SF Summit in August 2022, Timeplus previously introduced out-of-box support for Pulsar and StreamNative Cloud. (See our blog for use cases and integration details.)

During the recent Pulsar Summit Asia 2022, our Timeplus colleagues Gang and Gimi presented on how developers can "Turn Data in Pulsar to Real-time Charts and Alerts via Streaming SQL." (abstract, video)

In addition to the built-in Pulsar source and sink in Timeplus UI and REST API, we are excited to introduce the Pulsar I/O sink connector for Timeplus. We've made it available in open-source on GitHub at:

Developers can install this new Pulsar I/O sink in the Pulsar cluster and push data to Timeplus without exposing the Pulsar cluster to the public internet. The Pulsar I/O sink connector provides key advantages over other available solutions (See chart below).

To learn more, check out a recording of the presentation on YouTube, or try out Timeplus directly at:


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