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Announcing General Availability of Timeplus Enterprise v2: Bring Stream Analytics Anywhere, Anytime

Updated: Jun 19

I am thrilled to announce that Timeplus Enterprise v2 is now Generally Available! This milestone marks a significant leap forward for our streaming analytics platform, bringing unparalleled performance, a minimal footprint, and an intuitive developer experience to users anywhere, anytime.

Powered by our lightweight, powerful, and efficient single-binary platform, Timeplus Enterprise v2 offers flexible deployment options. Whether fully managed in the public cloud, self-hosted in your data center, running on your laptop, or even on edge devices, our platform adapts to diverse user needs and unblocks massive use cases, from handling large-scale workloads to operating in resource-contained edge environments, capturing real-time insights where data resides. Most importantly, Timeplus Enterprise v2 drives down operational efforts and cost down with simplicity.

In just 3 steps, you can start running powerful enterprise-grade streaming processing and analytics in minutes!

Our Co-Founder and Head of Product, Jove Zhong, shares a quickstart demo of Timeplus Enterprise.

This achievement would not have been possible without the tremendous support from our customers, community users, and partners. Timeplus Enterprise has been rigorously tested and proven in a variety of industries and mission-critical use cases, including cybersecurity, algorithm-based trading, and real-time streaming pipeline and analytics.

For example, a Fortune 1000 company has successfully deployed Timeplus Enterprise v2 in production for the past few months, addressing their critical trading use cases that demand efficient, reliable and scalable streaming analytics. The use case runs 300+ continuous queries on raw incoming data of 100,000 messages per second with peaks lasting 5 hours. 


A Brief History of Timeplus

Our journey to revolutionize streaming analytics began in Nov 2021. We launched the first private beta in Mar 2022, and have continually evolved our offerings since. On Aug 8, 2023, Timeplus v1, a fully-managed cloud service, achieved GA with SOC2 Type 1 security compliance. On Sept 21, 2023, we proudly open-sourced our core engine, Timeplus Proton, further solidifying our commitment to innovation and community collaboration.

Today, we are excited to upgrade our offerings with the release of Timeplus Enterprise v2. This unified, enterprise-grade product is available through our fully managed cloud service or can be installed on various infrastructures, including bare metal, Docker, and Kubernetes.


Key Breakthroughs in Timeplus Enterprise v2

The v2 release of Timeplus Enterprise introduces several groundbreaking features:

  • Self-Hosting everywhere: All components available in our Cloud offering (Console, API Gateway, Connectors, and Timeplus Core) can now be self-hosted on a single node or as a cluster.

  • Mutable Stream: In addition to append-only, versioned KV, and changelog KV streams, we have introduced Mutable Streams. These new streams offer OLTP-like high-performance data updates, filtering, and faster querying using secondary indices and column families. Compared to the versioned KV in Timeplus Proton, Mutable Streams are generally 2-5x faster.

  • Enhanced Memory Efficiency: Significant memory-related improvements have been made for high cardinality windowed aggregations.

  • Monitoring and Observability of Streaming Pipeline: We have integrated advanced monitoring and observability features to enhance enterprise-level visibility and control over streaming processing pipelines, including Materialized View footprint and throughput, checkpoint etc.

  • Python User-Defined Functions (UDF): Now you can build UDFs using Python, in addition to JavaScript, allowing you to leverage your favorite Python libraries, like pandas.

  • Pluggable Authentication and Authorization: Support for Auth0, Keycloak, and local database users ensures flexible and secure authentication and authorization.

  • Scalable Multi-Node Clusters: Multi-node cluster support provides high availability and scalability.

  • Enhanced Kafka Stream Querying: We have added several useful functions for querying Kafka Streams with SQL, such as counting topics.

  • License Management: A new license management feature allows users to monitor and manage their entitlements effectively.


Our Vision

At Timeplus, we believe in empowering businesses with real-time insights that drive actionable  intelligence. Our mission is to make streaming analytics accessible, efficient, and scalable for all users, regardless of their technical background or infrastructure preferences.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that Timeplus Enterprise remains at the forefront of the streaming analytics industry.


Learn More

For a hands-on demonstration and to explore the capabilities of Timeplus Enterprise v2, please check out the video below. We are excited to see how you will leverage Timeplus to unlock new possibilities and drive your business forward.


Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to your continued support and collaboration as we move towards a future powered by real-time streaming analytics.



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