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Timeplus is a streaming-first real-time analytics platform.

Lightning fast
streaming processing

We enable super fast analytics with ultra-low latency, while ensuring extremely high EPS (events-per-second) both in ingestion and query simultaneously.  In early testing, Timeplus can achieve 4ms end-to-end latency, and 10 million + EPS benchmark, even in a single commodity machine.


streaming analytics

We’ve developed powerful real-time streaming analytics that enable functionality such as windowing/non-windowing, late event, downsampling and streaming predictive analytics. All from one SQL query.


user experience 

Get speed and power with a seamless user experience. With Timeplus, you can easily connect to diverse data sources and immediately explore streaming patterns via query and visualization. Easily create real-time multi-channel notifications and sending aggregated data to downstream systems.

Purpose-built solutions to tackle use cases,
where real-time analytics make all the difference.
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Fleet Analytics

Easily track overspeeding, fatigued drivers, or any fleet insights in real-time.

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Edge Observability

Observe decentralized edge systems and infrastructures with faster insights and less data centralization.

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Security, Risk and Compliance

Detect and solve incidents within seconds, not hours or days after they occur.

Hear from some of our customers:
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"We are able to simply plug the sources into Timeplus and start writing queries over the streaming data to get the results. No need to compile and deploy a code. This makes prototyping to deploy applications really fast."

Hamilton Araujo

Managing Director, Alpha Stream

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