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Timeplus' streaming analytics engine is now open source! Read our press release.

Timely Insights in No Time
Take control of historical and live data with unified batch and stream processing and streaming OLAP.
Timeplus is a unified platform for streaming + historical data.
Even in a single commodity machine, Timeplus can achieve:

4 millisecond

end-to-end latency

10+ million

EPS benchmark

Build with Timeplus Open Core.
Proton is the core engine of Timeplus, now open source.
Try it yourself:

1.  Launch with Docker

After installing Docker engine in your OS, pull and run the latest Proton docker image. Run the 'proton-client' tool in the Docker container to connect to the local Proton server.

docker run -d --pull always --name proton

2.  Create Sample Data

In the Proton client, run SQL to create a new stream with generated data.

CREATE RANDOM STREAM s(raw string default 'device'|| to_string(rand()%4))

3. Run Query

Try running a query with this sample dataset. for example:

SELECT raw, count() FROM s GROUP BY raw

4. Clean Up

To stop the query, press CTRL+C, and run:


Clean up everything using:

docker stop proton && docker rm proton

Tackle use cases where real-time analytics make all the difference.

Capital Markets

Turn real-time market and transaction data into real-time insights. Leverage append-only streams and key-value streams to monitor financial data.

A line chart representing the price of a stock
A map chart with dots to indicate locations of vehicles


Gain real-time visibility into IoT operations, such as fleet management, using only SQL.

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"Timeplus fills a major gap in today’s rapidly changing markets, where businesses must go real-time or become obsolete. It makes extracting insights from streaming data even easier, saving us from writing thousands of lines of code and hundreds of hours of development. The ability to monitor and analyze massive amounts of real-time investment data leads to greater risk control and cost analysis.”

Wang Ling

Head of IT, Huatai Securities

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