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Meltano Hub Adds Timeplus as a New Target

Meltano provides 516 source (tap) connectors, all of which can be configured to send data to Timeplus.

We are happy to announce that Timeplus Target Connector has been added to Meltano Hub. This will give data engineers working with Timeplus immediate access to a wide range of data sources to easily build unified analytics for both streaming data and batch data with Timeplus.

Here are some use cases:

  • Load thousands of CSV files from AWS S3 into Timeplus, apply filter and clean up, and create high quality dimension/lookup table in Timeplus to enrich real-time data feeds (reference)

  • Load your HubSpot data into Timeplus in only minutes and create near real-time live dashboards to show latest deal pipelines or email events

  • Build better products by turning your real-time user data on Amplitude into meaningful insights and real-time actions in Timeplus

Timeplus provides unified storage and computing for both streaming and historical data. You can use streaming SQL to query the real-time data from Apache Kafka or IoT sensors:

SELECT time,sensor_id,sensor_temperature 
FROM iot WHERE sensor_temperature>180

Next, you can build real-time dashboards, or trigger alerts via Slack or PagerDuty:

With rich contextual data from other data sources via Meltano, you can write SQL to query variety of data in a single engine:

SELECT time,sensor_id,sensor_temperature 
FROM iot 
INNER JOIN table(sensor_spec_csv) as spec USING(sensor_id)
INNER JOIN table(sensor_inventory_jira) as inventory USING(sensor_id)
WHERE sensor_temperature>spec.threshold AND inventory.remaining>5

(Here is a sample streaming SQL to alert the IT admin to replace overheat IoT sensors when backup parts are available)

Meltano was originally built at GitLab as an internal framework for better managing their Singer-based custom taps and targets. It became an open-source project in 2018 and attracted over 3,000 data practitioners in their community Slack.


There are over 500 source connectors publicly available on Meltano Hub (repo), plus many custom connectors for niche or internal sources, built with the Meltano SDK.

We love partnering with the Meltano team, and are excited to see how data engineers will leverage Meltano on Timeplus to create streamlined workflows to boost productivity.

To learn more about the Timeplus Target Connector with Meltano, and how I built the connector over a weekend, you can also refer to my article here.


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