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Learn Faster with Streaming Feature Stores

AI learns better with the freshest data.

Fully automated – we got you covered.

For immediate decision-making in areas like anomaly detection and personalized recommendations, Timeplus makes all the difference.

Timeplus handles high-cardinality data, mitigates skew between data for training and live data, and acts as a unified real-time platform.

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With zero ops, let Timeplus do the heavy lifting. Plus, our web console make it easy for you to manage your resources. 

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Beyond querying streaming SQL, create visualizations and see how your data flows in your workspace. 

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Cost Efficient

Pay for only what you need. Learn more about our Pricing.

End-to-End Capabilities

Ingest Data

In Timeplus Cloud, we support a wide range of data sources in our web console. You can also push data via REST API, or create external streams without copying data into Timeplus Cloud. 

See data ingestion guide --> 

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Write SQL to query your data, for ad-hoc or background processing.


Our SQL console also supports Data Definition Language (DDL), such as CREATE or DROP commands. 

See query guide --> 

Visualize Data

With line/bar graphs, reporting tables, and more, visualize your real-time data in our Timeplus Cloud web console. 

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Send Alerts

Get notifications on anomalies in your data. Turn analytics insights into actions by triggering sinks to your team via email or Slack, or downstream applications.

You can also add automations to trigger other systems to take action.

See How Your Data Flows

With the Data Lineage diagram in Timeplus Cloud, see all how resources in your workspace are connected.

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Build your next AI application with Timeplus.

Get started with a 14-day free trial. 

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