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Get Started with Timeplus

Try Timeplus your way: fully managed, on-prem, or open source.

Here to explore? Create a free account to try our demo workspace in Timeplus Cloud, equipped with sample data sources, streams, and pre-made dashboards.

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Timeplus Enterprise

Self-managed, easy to deploy, run and scale from edge to any data center, Kubernetes, or bare metal.

Ideal for enterprise users:

  • with flexible deployment, advanced configuration needs

  • mission-critical use cases

Get in touch with us to get started.

Timeplus Cloud

Fully automated with zero ops, elastic scaling, high availability and enterprise-grade security, with tiered plans to suit your organization's needs.

Ideal for enterprise users:

  • with cloud-centric workloads without ops

  • from starter projects to mission-critical use cases

Start your 14 day free trial and create a workspace for your team – no credit card required. 

Timeplus Proton

Timeplus Proton is our open-source streaming SQL engine, at the core of Timeplus. A fast and lightweight alternative to Apache Flink, powered by ClickHouse.

Great for community users:

  • for developing and testing streaming processing and analytics applications

Visit our GitHub repo to download.

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